All Harry Potter Movies Are Leaving HBO Max Next Month

HBO Max, that WarnerMedia has set as essentially a replacement Wizarding World has a bit more than five weeks left to binge on the eight films based on J.K. Rowling’s books on... Read more »

New SpongeBob Film Is Coming To Netflix UK

A premier, first-run movie from among ViacomCBS’ biggest brands, join CBS All Access’ expanding slate of franchise content from around ViacomCBS. This international Netflix release excludes the US and China the streaming... Read more »

Solo TV Show Spinoffs Have Been Discussed For Disney+

Fans have not given up on the notion of watching Alden Ehrenreich depict the smuggler that was iconic. For the time being, it is wishful thinking, but it would seem Disney hasn’t... Read more »

Tom Holland Uncharted Movie Will Start Filming Next Week

The studio will soon be taking the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety and the health of the cast and crew, including strict social hide, disinfection and distancing requirements on set. The... Read more »

Space Force Season 2 Netflix Reportedly Renews

Even then, Little occasionally, taking away while they wear a film or TV series the suspension of fact some may expect. This year Two renewals could be Netflix has allegedly renewed Space... Read more »

The Legend Of Korra Gets A Release Date For Netflix Next Month

The show, which happens decades after this series’ finale, follows the Avatar, Korra, that must fight with a collection of dangers to the world within an old guy following the departure of... Read more »

Walking Dead Creator Offers Update On Rick Grimes Spin-Off Movie

Regardless, it was relieving to hear that progress is still being made available on Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead movie despite generation getting influenced by COVID-19. The zombie thriller began with Rick waking... Read more »

Conjuring 3 Gets A New Release Date Summer 2021

The new manager, Michael Chaves, formerly made his debut with The Curse of La Llorona, which happened inside the powerful Conjuring Universe. Shifting managers mid-trilogy might be a risky move, but with... Read more »

Rebecca Ferguson Confirms Dune Movie Reshoots Start Soon

Even though there’s absolutely no reason to believe Dune has significant issues that demand anything more than regular reshoots, it’s worth bearing in mind that Lynch had difficulty cooperating with the sheer... Read more »

Deadpool 3 Will Not Be Produced By Marvel

In a meeting using Inverse through /Film In accordance with the founder of Deadpool, Rob Reifeld, Marvel Studios doesn’t have plans. I really don’t understand. I’m a realist, although it might not... Read more »