Deadpool 3 Will Not Be Produced By Marvel

In a meeting using Inverse through /Film In accordance with the founder of Deadpool, Rob Reifeld, Marvel Studios doesn’t have plans.

I really don’t understand. I’m a realist, although it might not be exactly what everybody would like to listen to. The Deadpool film feels like it is off the beaten track.

The studio created two great films, but they are about the next new thing and we are constantly living in a forward-looking culture.


The screenplay that followed was also a victory, but there’s been no evidence on if Deadpool 3 could possibly see the light of day today that Disney owns the rights to the personality.

Is an X-Men and mutant movie about Stage 4 of the MCU, that comprises Black Widow and The Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Reifel inquired if there might be Disney and MCU-controlled Deadpool and X-Force films, but his response wasn’t encouraging.

Reinfeld’s dark prognosis on Deadpool 3 contrasts with all the carefully optimistic perspective of past starring Ryan Reynolds and co-writer Paul Warnick and manager David Leach.

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