Our Team


Andrew Strauss — Founder

Andrew is the Founder and the Owner of Twist Comics. He tries to provide our readers with the latest Entertainment news from all around the world.

Phone: (+1) 802-863-5219
Email: [email protected]


Ben Costello — Editor

Ben is working as the Editor for Twist Comics. He loves to share the latest ongoing in our Fashion World with everyone so they can stay ahead with the world.

Phone: (+1) 802-867-3591
Email: [email protected]


Catherine Salarano — Reporter

Catherine is the Reporter working at Twist Comics. She tries to learn about the latest updates going on in our Entertainment world and share it with everyone.

Phone: (+1) 802-862-5917
Email: [email protected]


Cecilia Bair — Researcher

Cecilia is working as the Researcher for Twist Comics. She tries to provide our readers with the everything they need to know in our Fashion World.

Phone: (+1) 802-863-5932
Email: [email protected]


Marion Weir — Writer

Marion is the Writer working for Twist Comics. She loves to keep our readers updated with the latest Fashion news before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 802-867-3469
Email: [email protected]