All Harry Potter Movies Are Leaving HBO Max Next Month

All Harry Potter Movies Are Leaving HBO Max Next Month

HBO Max has Eight Harry Potter films on a different ceremony after August 25. The Harry Potter films are entirely leaving the streaming support after only a couple of months is cloudy.

The transfer has something related to a former deal with Universal, attached to this Harry Potter theme parks. The films might be moving to flow NBCUniversal’s brand new service, Peacock. But, there’s no confirmation in any event.

But following a fan backlash, the business stated that”by popular demand, HBO Max had long the access to these names through December 2020. The novels and film series stay hugely popular to this day, despite current contentious statements from Rowling.

The removal of those pictures from streaming service stems from licensing provisions unrelated to this particular controversy. Additionally, it enabled the ceremony to present a diversified film catalog.

In the same period, HBO Max in August will be integrating films like the listing of DC’s Batman films like the 1989 Batman Batman & Robi Batman Begins, Batman Forever, Batman Returns, and The Dark Knight — too as Blade Runner. Series will abandon Warner Bros. streaming support, HBO Max, on August 25, without a word on if they will return.

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