Rebecca Ferguson Confirms Dune Movie Reshoots Start Soon

Rebecca Ferguson Confirms Dune Movie Reshoots Start Soon

Even though there’s absolutely no reason to believe Dune has significant issues that demand anything more than regular reshoots, it’s worth bearing in mind that Lynch had difficulty cooperating with the sheer hugeness of this Dune story on his adaptation, so there is always that small seed of concern about Herbert’s job being virtually a monster that no manager can tame.

Villeneuve naturally has a lot of benefits over Lynch, the one being the access to more complex results.

And unlike today, when Lynch made Dune, today’s Hollywood is a whole lot more prepared to devote the money to go in and fix things, even though it demands a whole lot of reshooting.

Lady Jessica Celebrity Rebecca Ferguson States Dune Film reshoots Begin soon in Budapest

David Lynch created the first film adaptation in 1984. However, the movie was a critical and box office flop.

A TV miniseries adaptation followed in 2000 but did not set the world on fire.

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