Walking Dead Creator Offers Update On Rick Grimes Spin-Off Movie

Walking Dead Creator Offers Update On Rick Grimes Spin-Off Movie

Regardless, it was relieving to hear that progress is still being made available on Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead movie despite generation getting influenced by COVID-19.

The zombie thriller began with Rick waking up in a hospital into a planet overrun by the dead.

From there, Rick would become a winner of survival from the world.

The Walking Dead will have a panel later. It’s difficult not to speculate how the Rick Grimes film will appear.

Like Lincoln, Danai Gurira has resigned from the series.

She was provided with a dedicated event this season, where she found out that Rick may be living.

If Michonne appears in Rick’s film, that may only add more incentive to see it in theatres.

Although that is far from supported now, having the time to finalise the script during the pandemic can give characters from the show a prospect of appearing on the big screen.

Robert Kirkman has Provided an update on The Walking Dead’s upcoming Rick Grimes Film.

Rick Grimes is interchangeable with The Walking Dead as Throughout Skybound Xpo.

Walking Dead producer David Alpert and creator Robert Kirkman gave an update on the Rick Grimes film.

However, Alpert says that they can not take the movie currently.

Kirkman concurs, stating there will be lots of news coming up when”items do quiet down.

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